About us



Macao Heritage Ambassadors Association (MHAA) was established on August 1, 2004.

It is a non-profit organization organized by the youngster. It aims to promote the Macao

cultural heritage education and youth participation under the concept of “treasure the

relics and inherit culture”, and encourages promotion on the development of cultural and

creative industries.

In these years, MHAA is undertaking the responsibility in training Macao Heritage

Ambassadors and intensify their knowledge on the history and culture of Macao, which

enable histories passing to the next generation. The plan is also one of the materials for

the “Macau Decade”, a documentary program celebrating Macao’s return to China for 10

years, it is produced by CCTV and Macao SAR Government. It was also included in the

junior high school teaching syllabus compiled by the Education and Youth Affairs

Bureau and the Beijing People’s Education Press.

In August 2010, the Association was awarded as the “World Heritage Youth Education

Base” by the UNESCO Asia-Pacific World Heritage Training and Research Center and

became one of the first World Heritage Youth Education Bases. In December 2012, it

was selected as one of the “2010-2011 Excellent World Heritage Youth Education Base”.

In November 2018, it was awarded the UNESCO World Heritage Training and Research

Center (Suzhou) World Heritage Youth Education Base.

MHAA is organizing the comprehensive range of activities and services, which help

youngsters to intensify their awareness and protection on cultural heritage in Macao, it

also enhanced their sense of cultural belongingness, promotion on the protection of

cultural heritage. The activities of the association mainly include MHAA ambassador

training program, education promotion, public tour guides services, external exchanges,

and membership activities.